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our background and history. from humble beginnings to a movement supporting the birthing families of our local communities. 

Welcome to Metro Doula Group (MDG)!

What started as a seed idea for a support group for local NYC area doulas in 1999 has grown to become one of the longest sustained, collaborative doula networks in the country. Our branches now reach beyond NYC and out into the surrounding metro area and we host over 1,200 New York birth and postpartum doulas!

Whether you’re a new doula, thinking about becoming a doula or a wise and experienced doula, welcome! We’re glad you’re here.


If you are an expecting metro area family looking to learn about our doulas, you’re in the right place too.

Founded in 1999 by Ilana Stein, the original idea for MDG was a place for doulas to gather face to face, share professional stories and network together. Over time, and with the growth of the profession, the work has moved beyond a simple 30 person monthly meeting. But as always, the intention remains: To open minds and hearts to the work of “doulaing” – local, caring, nurturing, family-centric work.

While monthly meetings have gone the way of Facebook Groups and independent doula groups, collaborative and agencies, our primary goal is still be a resource for area doulas to network, find support and grow their practice. And as always, we meet the needs of local area expectant and new families by offering our directory of MDG affiliated doulas.

The doula future is bright! It’s about expansion – expanding minds, expanding hearts, expanding understanding, expanding awareness and of course, expanding families!


Thanks for visiting!


The MDG Council



a gallery of photos our doulas have taken, clients have contributed and more! our reach is wide. take a look.